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FISCHER batai RC3 SKATE Padidinti

FISCHER batai RC3 Skate

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180,00 €

Fischer RC3 Skate - vyriški lygumų slidinėjimo batai čiuožėjo žingsniui.


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S-Sportas Vilnius S-Sportas Kaunas S-Sportas Šiauliai

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Teirautis +370 620 33800 arba

Lytis Vyriškas
Modelis RC3 SKATE

Fischer RC3 Skate - vyriški lygumų slidinėjimo batai čiuožėjo žingsniui.

SVORIS: 620g

Comfort Guard Fischer Fresh Fischer Speed Lock
Comfort Guard

Very lightweight, water-repelling insulation material for additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area.

Fischer Fresh

Fischer Fresh puts an end to unpleasant odours, giving you lasting freshness inside the cross country skiing boot with a pleasant smell and feeling inside.

Fischer Speed Lock

New, revolutionary quick lock with minimum size and weight. Simply pull the laces tight – that's it! The system is safe and reliable.

Injected Exterior Heel Cap Lace Cover Sport Fit Concept
Injected Exterior Heel Cap

Good heel cradling and robust protection all in one: exterior heel cap for even better power transfer.

Lace Cover

Lace covers for additional protection against the snow and wet conditions and to give you a comfortable warm feeling.

Sport Fit Concept

The right fit for all requirements. Whether it's shaped for the female foot with the comfort or race version, customised for the feet of young skiers, meeting the comfort requirements of all-rounders or for direct power transfer in racing: the Boot Fit Concept with special lasts is the answer to all the different needs and morphologies of the various consumer groups.

Thermo Fit Triple F Membrane Easy Entry Loops
Thermo Fit

Thermally formable foam cushioning with outstanding thermal insulation and a perfect fit for the individual shape of the foot.

Triple F Membrane

Special membrane ensures that conditions inside the boot are perfect: dry, warm and breathable.

Easy Entry Loops

Practical entry loops and wide-opening designs guarantee that boots can be put on/taken off comfortably.

Velcro Strap Hinged Polymer Cuff
Sealed Zipper

Velcro Strap

Fastening element for cuffs and instep straps, easy to handle and adjust.

Hinged Polymer Cuff

Ergonomic molded cuff for remarkable side hold with good freedom of movement to the front and back. Easy to adjust with Velcro fastener. Canting and EVA padding depending on model.

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